Essential Oils … what’s all the fuss?

OK, is it a fad? Is it for real or just another hype? Do you have an opinion? I do. Like many ‘new things’ I was skeptical and then I saw a Facebook post about plantar fasciitis and I was in.

So, here’s the scoop … for me …

I have plantar fasciitis – pain in my heel that has eluded most previous attempts to control. Physical therapy has helped, of course, but there comes a time when it will be up to me. As one who does not really ‘get into’ exercise (yeah, I’m the one who hates to exercise!) I have found that some simply stretching movements provided by my therapist has worked pretty well. The pain is still there but more manageable. I wanted even less discomfort so when I saw the Facebook post about plantar fasciitis I was intrigued. I contacted someone who had a Young Living Essential Oils Facebook page and because I didn’t have the oils suggested she said to try PanAway, Peppermint, and Valor oils – all of which I had. And, they worked!!! I knew essential oils were where I wanted to go – being one who hates medications – I became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. When my products arrived I was so ready for alternative options that I jumped right in! And, I’ll have to admit … I love them! I’m just starting and I have much to learn, but if you’re interested in becoming involved with Young Living oils, you are welcome to come in under me … if you want a quick way to learn about the essential oils I love, stop by and you’ll find me … Elizabeth Wyse #2102509.

Stay tuned for more essential oil information!



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