Random Thoughts

Why is cat litter scented? I mean, really, do people really want to smell floral scented cat deposits? Just scoop the deposit and move on. I can’t imagine the cat deposit stinking any longer than a humans once the source of the odor is removed.

Have a pacifer-using child? How about removing the gadget before snapping a picture? I can’t tell you the number of pacifier-pusses I see on Facebook. OK, I’m old and my children didn’t use pacifiers so I am biased but I would sure like to see a lovely toddler smile without a gadget. Say Cheese!

I am one of those annoying people who drive the speed limit – well, most of the time. I drive in the right lane leaving the left lane open to pass. Yeah, it’s the law – slower traffic keep right. So, the next time you pass me, please refrain from flipping me the bird because I’m not speeding like you. And, thank you to the most recent speeder who showed me how karma works. Hope you have the cash to pay your ticket.



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