Review: Cheeburger Cheeburger

Aside from shivering our initial impression was favorable. Once seated the hostesses rattled off specials and we changed our mind. We didn’t catch a single thing she said. But we knew we were going to order from the menu anyway. Besides she was gone before we could say a word.

Moments later our charming waiter, Cam, arrived with menus in hand and a smile. We ordered and we waited and waited. And I continued to shiver. Note to self … bring a jacket next time.

Tom ordered the Serious Burger with onion rings and a side salad. We both liked the onion rings … crispy and especially good with their horseradish doing sauce.

I ordered the Build Your Own salad and neither of us was disappointed. Another note to self: be sure the waiter knows I want medium rare not well done.

The floor manager stopped by after she noticed we had waited a bit for our check and offered us a 15% off coupon. I’m good with that.


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