So, here’s the deal …

I had a dear friend call me yesterday. She was looking for what is, in our society, an obscure ingredient for a new 30-day cleansing diet she was doing. OMG, it’s Thanksgiving – what a tough time to do something so drastic – kudos to her for doing what is right for her.

I, on the other hand, one who has also done what was considered drastic to some all in the interest of health, have found that I no longer want to be pinned down to someone else’s version of what is right for me. It’s an age thing, I’m sure. For years I have read about doing it this way or that. And, you know what? I usually failed. Oh, I lost a few pounds or tightened up a muscle here or there or I felt better for a while but I always – yes, always – ended up right back where I started.

So, how am I doing, I hear you ask. I am exactly where I should be at this moment in my life. I’m loving real food. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grains. Good oils. I avoid those foods I have found to make me unhappy – high frutose corn syrup, processed foods, most anything labeled “natural” (‘cuz it probably isn’t). I like to know from where my food comes, though that is proving to be very difficult. I eat seasonal food, avoiding those foods that are grown and picked too early just to be forced to grow in a controlled environment for use eighteen months or longer and labeled ‘fresh.’ Even wonder why apples don’t taste the way they used to when we were kids … yeah, well … now you know.


1.19.2015 / The numbers are in …

Many who have followed my earlier blogs know I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. You may also know that I refused a prescription for a statin drugs opting instead for eating healthier, exercising, and yoga. It worked. Now, today, after my yearly blood work, my physician grinned and said my numbers were perfect. I expected nothing less. Stress is responsible for many medical problems. The medical profession doesn’t always look at stress as a factor, but I have to wonder if people just don’t want to own it. Our crazy, overbooked lives can take a toll on our health.

Recently, I was asked what I do for me. Huh? I clean my house. I enjoy that. I cook and bake. I enjoy that, too. I blog. I enjoy that. I work full time doing what I enjoy doing – creating, organizing, and managing. And, I volunteer for our local no-kill shelter as their treasurer and calendar committee chairman. I enjoy that. Doesn’t all that count? Do I have to walk, knit, paint, or meditate to enjoy myself? Does tending to one’s personal environment really a chore for most? Am I nuts?

So, before I close … I love my life … I love what I do and I love how I feel when I’m doing it. That said … I will continue to think about what I was asked, “What do you do for you?” but I’m not sure I will find an answer.