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About a year ago I signed up as a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. My goal was to use the oils myself and I had no plans to start a business. While I still purchase the oils for personal use, of late sharing my experience using these fabulous oils has changed my view a bit.

Last night, my sponsor, and a friend who signed up under me, sat down for a couple of hours and I had a blast learning all about not only the oils but the business side of it, too.

Click SimplyWyse Essential Oils (or the link above) if you’d like more information about why I’m excited!


Essential Oils … what’s all the fuss?

OK, is it a fad? Is it for real or just another hype? Do you have an opinion? I do. Like many ‘new things’ I was skeptical and then I saw a Facebook post about plantar fasciitis and I was in.

So, here’s the scoop … for me …

I have plantar fasciitis – pain in my heel that has eluded most previous attempts to control. Physical therapy has helped, of course, but there comes a time when it will be up to me. As one who does not really ‘get into’ exercise (yeah, I’m the one who hates to exercise!) I have found that some simply stretching movements provided by my therapist has worked pretty well. The pain is still there but more manageable. I wanted even less discomfort so when I saw the Facebook post about plantar fasciitis I was intrigued. I contacted someone who had a Young Living Essential Oils Facebook page and because I didn’t have the oils suggested she said to try PanAway, Peppermint, and Valor oils – all of which I had. And, they worked!!! I knew essential oils were where I wanted to go – being one who hates medications – I became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. When my products arrived I was so ready for alternative options that I jumped right in! And, I’ll have to admit … I love them! I’m just starting and I have much to learn, but if you’re interested in becoming involved with Young Living oils, you are welcome to come in under me … if you want a quick way to learn about the essential oils I love, stop by and you’ll find me … Elizabeth Wyse #2102509.

Stay tuned for more essential oil information!